Doula Denise

I have always been passionate and fascinated by pregnancy and birth. A passion I share with my mom. Already from a young age I wanted to know everything about it, and where others quickly changed TV-channels when a program about birth is on show, I dived into it. I read books and loved to hear about others birth stories. I wanted to do something with this passion and started a birth doula training in 2014. It turned out to fit me like a glove and I can truly say I have the best job in the world now supporting families during birth.

I have an urge for life-long-learning, so whenever I have the chance I take an extra training or course to further broaden my knowledge about pregnancy and birth. In the past years I learned about Mindful birth, aromatherapy, Reiki, Thai massage and more. I also completed a NLP Practitioner training, where I learned coaching techniques that I use to support women with a lot of fear or trauma.

I absolutely love sharing all my knowledge around pregnancy and birth with expecting families. Both during the 1-on-1 private childbirth classes and in group courses. I teach (hypnobirthing) childbirth classes at MOM&CO and the very well known Truus Gale.

During the past years while supporting women during birth, I saw how tough the first weeks postnatal were for parents, even though they had the support of a Kraamzorg/ Maternity nurse. So when the first training to become a postnatal doula started, I of course jumped on this opportunity and took part. I am very proud to be the first certified postnatal doula in Amsterdam! It is such a wonderful, rewarding job to support moms and families during this first, fragile weeks into motherhood.

The lovely people that are close to me describe me as down to earth, caring and calm. They feel comfortable being around me and call me sociable and gregarious. I’m known for my rather strange hobbies… What I like to do in my free time? Hula hooping, (athletic!) pole dancing, African dance, Aerial Yoga. Those kinds of things. But I fancy ordinary things like baking cakes, watching Netflix or traveling the world as well.

As well as being a doula, I am also a forensic criminologist and lawyer. So I combine my doula work with a part-time job as Project Manager at the Expertise Center for Forensic Psychiatry (“Expertisecentrum Forensische Psychiatrie”) in Utrecht.
An interesting combination indeed, but one I really enjoy!

“Denise is heel lief en zorgzaam en ze kan zich goed inleven. Daarnaast is ze ook erg deskundig, ze heeft veel kennis, is op de hoogte van de mogelijkheden die er zijn en laat je vrij in je keuzes. Ze heeft mij erg goed geholpen met het voorbereiden op de geboorte van mijn zoontje!”Nina