Birth & Postnatal Doula Amsterdam

Personal 1-on-1 support

Before, during and after birth

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Childbirth classes

I make sure that you and your partner know all about birth and how to prepare for that.
From writing a birth plan, to making arrangements for the first postnatal weeks. We practise labor positions,
breathing, relaxation and massage techniques that will help you cope with labor. And of course I will answer all your questions. You will look forward to the birth of your baby with confidence.

  • Birth & postpartum plan
  • Breathing techniques
  • Tips & trics for partner

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Birth support

Research shows that women who are continuously supported during labor have more positive outcomes. A midwife is not able to stay with you all the time. With my support you are never alone. I come when you need me and will not leave your side until the baby is born. Because of the knowledge and experience I gained over the years I am able to see to all your needs. You will feel supported and are able to give birth peacefully.

  • Preparation for birth
  • Continuous birth support
  • Calm and trust

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Postnatal support

The first weeks after birth are tough. Your body endured a lot during pregnancy and birth.

My healing treatments help your womb and other organs in your abdomen recover. The loving, comfortable wrap from a belly bind supports the healing process even further.

With the Postpartum Nourishment Package you can cook yourself some deeply warming, nurturing and nutritious meals to kick-start a happy maternity period with your baby

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Testimonials from previous clients

“What a delight to have Denise present at my first birth! Her calm voice assuring me is still in my head today :).

She was a huge support for my boyfriend as well; without her we probably couldn’t have felt as such a team. She gave him confidence and instructions as how to support me. Denise felt what was needed before we could even express it.

I am so grateful for her presence & support throughout my pregnancy and of course my labour”


“Denise is the perfect birth partner, she will be your friend, confidant and cheerleader if and when you need it. Denise was so knowledgable about pregnancy and birth and she really put us at ease. Denise is a practical thinker, a warm personality and good communicator and she can easily adapt to situations.

The tips and tricks in the preparation for birth and throughout the pregnancy, really assisted us. From the excercises that eased back pain, to the support during labour up until to the very ‘moment’ by my bedside.

This is way more than a job for Denise- she takes this in her stride with much passion, capability and grace.”

Gabi & Daniel

“Denise was my doula during the birth of my first baby. As it was my first baby, I wasn’t sure what to expect during labour, how would it be and so there I realised that I made the right decision of hiring a doula. She was one person known to me whom I can trust fully and can ask for any help without any hesitation. She was very supportive, polite, warm, informative and calm. She constantly put counter pressure in the back and help me coping up with the pain. She helped me providing food & drinks. She is been extremely humble and helpful during the whole delivery and the pictures and birth story she did for me is something I cherish always.”